Smart Rules

Automatically move prospects from group to group based on how long they've been registered

With Smart Rules, you can set your prospects to automatically move from group to group based on how long they've been registered.

This offers an easy way to manage your leads and keep your prospect list tidy. For example, you may want to move new prospects into a 'newsletter' stage if they haven't progressed after several weeks.

This means you can focus on your new prospects, whilst still maintaining communications with long-term prospects.

Creating a New Smart Rule

To create a Smart Rule, navigate to the Franchise Recruitment tab, and select 'Smart Rules' from the options:


Next, under 'Create a New Smart Rule' click 'Add a Smart Rule':


This will open the 'Add a Smart Rule' screen.

Here you'll define which stage you want to apply the rule to, what the new stage will be, and how long the system should wait before applying the rule.

Under 'Current Stage', select the prospect stage you wish to apply the smart action to:


Next, select the 'Wait Time'. This is how many hours, days or weeks from registration should we wait before moving prospect group.


We'll then select the Wait Schedule to select how long we should wait before the prospect stage should change:


Finally, we'll select the New Stage that prospects will be assigned to:


Click 'Save', and the rule will then be applied and active.

Monitoring & Editing Smart Rules

From the 'Smart Rules' screen (found under Franchise Recruitment), you can monitor how your Smart Rules are doing, and how many times they've been triggered.


If you'd like to change the timings or steps of your Smart Rule, click 'Edit Rule'. This will open the edit window and allow you to modify all of the fields.

Deleting a Smart Rule

You can delete a Smart Rule at any time by selecting your Smart Rule from the Smart Rules screen and clicking 'Remove Rule'.

This will immediately disable the smart rule and it will no longer be applied.