Prospect Actions

Creating team actions and tasks that require follow-up

Throughout the process of managing your prospects, you'll likely need to create follow-ups for either yourself or your team, related to specific prospects.

Creating a Prospect Action

To create a prospect action, navigate to the prospect you want to apply the Action to.

From Franchise Recruitment, select 'Prospects':


Under 'Active Prospects', find the prospect you want to use and click 'View':


This will open the Prospect screen for your selected prospect.

On this screen, click 'Create Action' from the list of tools near the top of this page:


This will open the 'Create Action' window. 

Now, provide a short summary or title for your Action:


Next, select the user you'd like to receive the action, this can be yourself if you're using this as a reminder:


Next, select the date you'd like this Action to become due. You can leave this blank if there's no specific date:


Finally, add any details that will help to create a context for your Action, particularly if you're sending it to another member of your team:


Finally, click 'Create Action'.

You'll then be directed to your newly created action, and the member of the team assigned will receive an e-mail notification that the action has been created.


Managing and Updating Actions

With your new action created, you can view details on the action screen you were re-directed to after creating it.

If you need to access your Action from the dashboard, navigate to Franchise Recruitment and select 'Prospect Actions':


The 'Prospect Actions' panel will display two sets of actions:

  • Your Actions
    Actions that have been assigned to you
  • Actions You've Assigned
    Any actions you've created and assigned to other users

Find the action you've just created and click 'View Action':


Here you can see details of the Action.

If you've created the action for yourself (or an action has been assigned to you), you can update it by editing the 'Task Status' and selecting the appropriate status:


In this case we've marked the Action as 'In Progress' and we can see the status has updated as a result:


We can also add a comment to the task if we need to:


After submitting, the Comment will be visible for anyone who views the Action page:


If we click 'View Prospect' from this Action it will take us back to their Prospect Record.

You can now see a section titled 'Prospect Actions' and our action is listed. This offers a great way to track history of actions on a per prospect basis, so you can better collaborate with your team on recruitment.


When you mark an Action as complete, it will be greyed out and the overdue notice will no longer be displayed: