Smart Actions

Automatically create new actions for your team as prospects move through recruitment stages

Smart Actions allow you to take your recruitment to the next stage, by scheduling tasks for each prospect based on their stage. 

This means you can off-load your usual 'checklist' of tasks for leads to FranchiseBase, and let the system create actions and give you a reminder when they need completing!

This could be as simple as scheduling a call to be made one week after a new prospect registers, or a long list of to-do's as your lead progresses into the later stages of your recruitment process.

How do Smart Actions work?

Smart Actions work by allowing you to automate your actions based on how long a prospect has spent in a particular stage. For instance, you might want to apply an action to 'Call Prospect' 7 days after they registered as a New Prospect. With a Smart Action, you can set this rule automatically, and you'll receive an e-mail notification of the task for every New Prospect, 7 days after registration.

With some pre-planning, you can create smart actions every stage of your franchise recruitment process!

Creating a Smart Action

To create your first smart action, navigate to 'Franchise Recruitment' and select the 'Smart Actions' option:


The Smart Actions panel will show your current Smart Actions, and allow you to create new ones.

To create a new Smart Action, under 'Create a Smart Action' click 'Add a New Smart Action':


This will open the New Smart Action form.

Under Prospect Stage, select the stage that the new action should be applied to:


Next, select how many hours, days or weeks after entering this group that should be waited before creating and assigning the Smart Action:


Next, select the User who will be tasked with the action. You can select yourself, or another user with access to Franchise Recruitment:


You can now define the Summary and Details of your action. This is the information that will be provided to the user tasked with the action whenever it is triggered for a prospect:


Finally, click 'Submit' to finalise the action.

Managing Smart Actions

You can manage Smart Actions from the 'Smart Actions' panel found under Franchise Recruitment.

The panel will display all of your active Smart Actions, associated information such as which stage they apply to and which user will be tasked, as well as how many times they've been triggered.

You can edit an existing Smart Action by clicking the 'Edit' button on the Smart Action you wish to edit. This is useful if you want to change the frequency of the action, or you want to assign the action to a different user for follow-up.

Finally, you can delete an action by clicking the 'Delete' button on the action you wish to delete. Deleted Smart Actions will immediately stop triggering, however you can restore them from the 'Deleted Files' panel.