FranchiseBase Pricing

Get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your franchise network.
Only pay for what you use

Accessible pricing for franchises of all sizes

We’ve worked to create an accessible pricing model that makes FranchiseBase as affordable as it is useful, regardless of the size of your network.

Setup Costs

Optional, recommended

We’ll handle the full setup process, including:

  • Uploading all of your manuals, documents and branding
  • Creating your franchise outlets and users
  • Training webinars to familiarise your teams

FranchiseBase Standard

£30 per month

The monthly cost for a Franchise to utilise the core features of FranchiseBase is £30, and includes multiple benefits:

  • Unlimited Users - add as many Head Office users as you need, including management, support staff and consultants
  • Easily add new locations through the interface
  • Receive support via telephone or e-mail

FranchiseBase Recruitment

£40 per month

A fully-featured suite of tools for managing franchise recruitment, is available as an add-on module for an additional £40 per month.

  • Manage and automatically import your leads from all major Franchise Directories as well as your own website
  • Automate your communications with scheduled e-mails and text messages
  • Devise beautiful e-mail campaigns with our brand new e-mail editor design tool
  • Manage your franchising leads and prospects throughout every stage of your recruitment process

Marketing Credits

£20 per month

When using Franchise Recruitment, you'll need marketing credits for sending e-mails and text messages to your franchising leads.

Our Standard Marketing Credits package includes:

  • 2,000 E-mails per month
  • 300 Text Messages per month

If you need more text messages or e-mails, they're priced on as a pay as you go basis below:

  • Text Messages - 0.05p per message
  • E-mails - £5.00 per 1,000 e-mails

Additional Locations

£10 per location* per month

Each Franchine Outlet or Location costs £10 per month, making FranchiseBase affordable for everyone:

  • Unlimited Users for Locations - each franchise location can have an unlimited amount of users (added by Head Office)
  • Simple User Roles - provide controlled access to franchisee teams, so they can only access the content they need to see
  • Powerful Notifications - Communicate with your network with instant notifications and tracking based on users, locations or roles

*Discounts are available for Franchises with over 20 Franchise locations.

Custom Development

Less than you might expect!

We built FranchiseBase to be modular, so additional features and workflows can be added when customers need them.

If you need a specific feature or integration, we can build it - helping you to optimise your workflow and save on time and administration.

We quote custom development projects based on a simple hourly rate - so new features are in reach of just about every franchise.

Feature Updates


We're always improving FranchiseBase, and as a client you'll receive our latest features as soon as they're released.

Through our feature roadmap, you can see our plans for new features planned for the next 12 months.

As a customer, your opinion will help shape the features of FranchiseBase too.

View our Feature Roadmap

Franchise Advice


FranchiseBase is a product of more than a decade of supporting over 50 franchises with web development and digital marketing.

It's also designed in collaboration with franchise consultants with over 40 years combined experience in simplifying the franchising process.

No matter the stage you're at in the franchising process - we're here to help.

Included as Standard

Everything you need to connect your franchise network

The features below are standard for all FranchiseBase users, whether you’re a newly established franchise or part of a 100+ location network:

  • Franchise Recruitment Management
  • Automated E-mail & Text Message Scheduling
  • Intuitive E-mail Design Tool
  • Unlimited franchise manuals
  • Brand bank for all of your franchise assets
  • Document storage area with 1gb storage per unit
  • Franchise discussion forums
  • Portal to other sites & services
  • Task system
  • Notification system
  • Location management
  • In-depth analytics
  • User management
  • User Profiles
  • Unlimited users per franchise location
  • Branding & Customisation
  • Priority E-mail & Telephone Support
  • Regular new product features
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