February 2022 Update: New Reporting Tools & Lead Ratings

This February, we've launched a set of new reports that will transform how you measure your recruitment progress

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Franchise Recruitment Reporting Tools

We've introduced a set of new reports that can be used immediately to monitor and track your recruitment progress.

Understanding your progress (and responding in turn) with your recruitment campaign is key to success.

As a franchisor, you want to know that your spend on sourcing new leads is effective, whether through your website or one of the many franchise directories available.

In addition, you want to know that your schedule of e-mails and text messages is both engaging and prompting your franchise leads to take the next step and explore your opportunity.

The Dashboard Report offers a great 'at a glance' view of your recruitment progress, filtered by date ranges.

Our new reports make understanding these factors easy, including:

  • Dashboard Report
    Gain useful insights on your recruitment progress with a graph based report displaying your prospects by source, stage and date.
  • Prospect Report
    View a summary of your prospects, filtered by various options including date range - then export as a Excel file for further processing.
  • Workflow Visualiser
    View your recruitment workflow throughout every stage, including key statistics on each schedule or action.
  • Schedule Performance
    Track every e-mail and text message sent by FranchiseBase and view performance statistics.

If you're actively recruiting franchisees, these additional tools provide valuable insight, and most importantly direction on how you can further improve your recruitment campaign.

Ratings for your franchising leads

When it comes to Franchise Recruitment, we understand that managing a high volume of franchising leads is a challenging task, particularly when collaborating with other team members or external recruitment support.

Based on a suggestion from a FranchiseBase customer, we've now introduced Prospect Ratings - allowing you to rate leads on a 1-5 star scale.

This rating feature offers a great 'at a glance' understanding of how engaged a lead is with the franchise opportunity.

Further, ratings serve as an aggregate, so different recruitment team members can rate a prospect and FranchiseBase will provide an overall rating, as well as a breakdown of each rating.

How you use Prospect Ratings is up to you - a common use case is to rate based on how engaged the lead has been with your opportunity.

Case Study for CareYourWay

Our final update this month is to highlight a new case study for CareYourWay, a home care company that sits within the top 2% of home care UK providers.

We've had the pleasure to work with CareYourWay from their first stages of developing their franchise, having developed a brand new web presence that includes every function a modern franchise needs, as well as making full use of the FranchiseBase features - particularly the Franchise Recruitment module.

As one of our earliest FranchiseBase customers, we're very proud to see the success they've achieved in their first year with a franchise model.

Have a read of their Case Study to find out more.

DateWed 23 Feb 2022
Written ByJames Dobson
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