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Our next feature set will be available free to all FranchiseBase customers

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An Overview of Tickets

Tickets will give you a direct line of communication between your head office team and your franchisee network, by allowing any user to create new ticket requests.

You can define your own ticket categories based on the kind of support you'll be providing. This can include categories such as Technical Support, Marketing, Billing & Finance, Franchise support and more.

Users will be able to create tickets directly within FranchiseBase, as well as by e-mailing a unique FranchiseBase e-mail address.

Once a ticket is created, notifications will be sent to your head office user or team based on the subject of the support request, e.g. 'Technical Support' enquiries can be sent to your IT Team.

When a ticket response is made, the user will receive a notification via e-mail - up until the ticket is finally closed off.

Insightful Reporting for Franchisors

A clear benefit to moving over to a structured system for support requests and queries, Tickets allows franchisors to get a great insight into metrics such as response times, support outcomes and much more.

If you rely on e-mail for handling internal support and queries, switching to Tickets means you'll also benefit from a general overview of the types of regular support requests and enquiries coming from your franchise network.

Taking all of this on board, you'll quickly begin to understand common pain points across your franchise network.

Make Sure Every Query is Answered

Another clear benefit of Tickets is that you'll never again miss a question, query or request amongst your e-mail inbox.

Tickets can go through several stages including Open, In Progress and finally Closed, with a set of pre-defined outcomes selectable at the end.

View and filter these stages at a glance and broken down by category to understand what work still needs to be done.

Available to Your Customers Too

The new Tickets feature marks the first new tool for FranchiseBase that will bridge the gap between the franchise network and your customers.

You can optionally enable Customer Access, allowing your customers to e-mail a support e-mail address, or complete a web form.

Once the ticket is created, your customer will receive a secure link and access code so they can keep up to date with the ticket progress and make new responses.

This means that the support requests can be directed based on their relevant franchisee location, support category and much more - giving you a complete look at how your network interacts with their customers.

Availability Date

We're working to launch Tickets in early August 2022.

If you have feedback or ideas on how we can further improve Tickets or would like an early demo, please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

DateFri 08 Jul 2022
Written ByJames Dobson
CategoryFranchise Recruitment
Last EditedFri 08 Jul 2022
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