Brand New Recruitment Features for 2022

This January we're introducing our brand new e-mail editor as well as improved text messaging features

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The FranchiseBase E-mail Editor

We're introducing a brand new e-mail editor to create high-quality e-mail templates for franchise recruitment.

Since we launched FranchiseBase last year, our recruitment tools have proven one of the most popular features of the FranchiseBase package.

Being able to draw in all of your franchising leads from a range of sources and set them on a schedule can play a huge part in keeping them engaged. 

The e-mail editor lets you drag and drop your content into the template, including images, links and other rich media to promote your franchise.

Our new E-mail Editor allows you to intuitively design stunning e-mail templates with full control over their layout, as well as optimising them for mobiles.

As part of this, we've also introduced a handy 'Media Storage' feature so you can store and re-use your images across all of your e-mail templates

Store your template images within the Media Library for use across all of your Templates.

We're sure that you're going to love the brand new e-mail editor and in turn see improved open and engagement rates for your franchise marketing e-mails.

The new editor is now available for all FranchiseBase users who have the Franchise Recruitment module!

If you're looking to have bespoke designs created for your Franchise brand, we're also able to offer this service.

You can also use our old-style editor, now named the Legacy Editor by checking 'Use Legacy Editor' when creating a new template.

Send Longer Text Messages

We've increased the character count for text messages to 1,600 characters, equal to 10 text messages.

One common request from customers in 2021 was to be able to send longer text messages to their franchising prospects.

In response, we've upped the character limit for text messages from a single text 160 charcters to 1,600 multi-part text messages.

This means you can send more information with your text messages, giving you new opportunities to engage leads such as with website links and other long-form content.

When you devise your text message template, the template page will show you how many text messages your message will be counted as.

FranchiseBase will let you know how many text messages you will be charged for

Multi-part text messages will still be sent as a single text message for your lead.

Customise your Text Message Sender Name

You can now customise the sender name for your text messages.

To help improve visibility of your text messages when sent to your franchising prospects, you can now define your text message sender name.

This feature will help your leads to identify they've received a text message from you immediately by seeing your company name as the sender of your text messages.

To set your Sender ID, navigate to 'Recruitment Setup' under 'Franchise Recruitment' and navigate to 'Text Messaging Sender ID'

Your custom Sender ID is limited to 11-characters including spaces, so you may have to get creative with how you name your company.

Your text messages will be sent to your leads with the custom ID. Remember to leave an alternate number for them to contact you on!

What's next - Recruitment Reporting

Our next step is improving reporting functionality to create fine-tuned custom report templates.

We want FranchiseBase to be the complete tool for Franchise Recruitment, and an essential factor of that is being able to produce high-quality reports on your franchise recruitment project.

We're working on a set of standard reports that will give you valuable insights into your recruitment campaign, as well as the ability to create custom reports based on the metrics that matter to you.

If you have specific requirements for your franchise recruitment reporting, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an e-mail and we'll explore introducing these features in our next major update.

DateTue 04 Jan 2022
Written ByJames Dobson
CategoryFranchise Recruitment
Last EditedTue 04 Jan 2022
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