New Franchise Portals and Directories Now Supported

We've now introduced a handful of new Franchising Portals supported by FranchiseBase

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A quick overview to how our system saves you time with automatic import of your franchising leads

It's no secret that Franchise Directories & Portals form an essential part of any franchise recruitment campaign.

There's a wide range of directories that offer visibility to your franchise within the UK, helping to put you infront of keen business people looking for a career change or to invest in a new business.

From the outset of developing our Franchise Recruitment tools for FranchiseBase, we wanted to use automation as a way to remove the administrative burden of following up enquiries - which can become a mammoth task when you're recruiting on multiple platforms, including your own website.

FranchiseBase has always supported automatic import of your leads from your own website, Franchise Local and Franchise Direct, and we're now pleased to introduce several new sources this month:

BFA (British Franchise Association)

If you're a BFA member, you can now automatically import any enquiries that are made via the 'Request More Info' form on your profile page within the franchise directory.

The BFA offers free franchise listings to members within their Franchise Directory

This short form captures general details including Name, E-mail, Contact Number & Message.

This means any new enquiries from the BFA website will automatically be added as a Prospect within FranchiseBase, they'll automatically receive your Welcome/Brochure e-mail and begin receiving scheduled E-mails and Text Messages as they make their way through the franchise process.

Visit the BFA

Point Franchise

Point Franchise is a long established franchise directory offering (at time of writing) over 240 franchises available for investment.

Point Franchise focuses on providing franchise listings based on location and sector.

Point Franchise has an interesting approach in allowing franchises to list their opportunities based on location availability, and investors typically begin their franchise search by selecting where they're based and what kind of sector they're interested in.

There's a 'basket' feature where users can add multiple franchises to their list and make an enquiry with a single click.

This is a great use case for FranchiseBase, since you'll likely be the first to respond, provide your brochure or introductory content and begin the process of informing the lead about the content. All without lifting a finger!

Visit Point Franchise

Franchise Supermarket

Franchise Supermarket is another Franchising Directory that has been around for some time and now supported with FranchiseBase.

Franchise Supermarket provides a 'shopping basket' of enquiries that can be sent to franchises.

Franchise Supermarket typically lists franchises by tags such as Sector, Investment Amount and other factors such as 'Work From Home' or 'Vehicle Based'.

They offer several plans to franchises looking to advertise, with premium plans including listings under the 'Popular Franchises' title on the homepage, as well as preferential listings within the categories that your franchise applies to.

Like Point Franchise, users of the website can build a shopping basket of 'enquiries' to franchises that they're interested in, which makes FranchiseBase a great option for getting ahead early with automated communications.

Visit Franchise Supermarket

DateThu 23 Dec 2021
Written ByJames Dobson
CategoryFranchise Recruitment
Last EditedThu 23 Dec 2021
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