Initial Setup

Configure Franchise Recruitment for your Company

To begin using Franchise Recruitment, head to Recruitment Setup to begin completing the required fields.


Define Prospect Stages

'Prospect Stages' are the stages that your leads will follow from their initial enquiry through to becoming a franchisee. 

We recognise that every franchise is different, with their own processes, so recruitment stages are fully customisable to follow your recruitment workflow.

To begin creating your prospect stages, click the 'Edit' window for Prospect Stages:


Note: 'New Prospect' is always listed and cannot be removed. All new leads will be added to this stage initially, unless you specify otherwise.

From here, you can click 'Create New' to add your first new prospect staage:


You can now enter your prospect stages, providing multiple stages (one per line) if required:


Once you've added your stages, click 'Save' to finalise.

You can now see your stages defined under 'Prospect Stages':


If you need to re-order your stages (or add new ones), you can click the 'Edit' icon to open the Prospect Stages option again.

You can re-order your stages by holding down left click on the option and dragging to where you'd like the stage to be placed:


Finally, click 'Save' again to finalise the changes.

With your stages now set, you'll be able to assign your Prospects to specific stages as they progress through the recruitment process, as well as creating e-mail and text message campaigns for these specific stages.

Define your Prospect Sources

Prospect Sources can be used to gain an understanding of where your franchise leads are sourced from.

FranchiseBase contains several default sources, and we're regularly introducing new sources based on customer needs.

More information on supported sources can be found in the Importing Leads section of the documentation.

To create a custom prospect source, navigate to Recruitment Setup and click the 'Edit' icon under Prospect Sources:


The Prospect Sources window will open:


Click 'Create New' to begin adding a new source. 


You can add new sources, one per line here. Click 'Save' to finalise.

Your new source will be added and can now be assigned to leads:


Define your Franchise Locations

Franchise Locations can be used when you're targeting specific areas for franchise recruitment. Assigning these locations to your prospects will make it easier to see your prospects grouped by location at a glance.

To create a new location, navigate to Recruitment Setup and click the 'Edit' icon under Franchise Locations:


The Franchise Locations window will open:


Click 'Create New' to add a new Location:


Click 'Save' to finalise. You'll now be able to assign prospects to your newly created location.

Adding additional information to the Recruitment Setup section

There are several additional fields to populate that are used in any e-mail communications you send to leads through FranchiseBase.

These are listed under Recruitment Setup and explained below:

  • Reply-to E-mail Address
    Enter the e-mail address that should be used when a lead replies to an e-mail sent through FranchiseBase. This e-mail is also listed at the bottom of every e-mail sent to leads through FranchiseBase.
  • Website Link
    This link is shown in the footer of every e-mail sent to leads through FranchiseBase. Consider linking to the franchising area of your website with this link.
  • Telephone Number
    A phone number displayed at the footer of each FranchiseBase e-mail sent to prospects.
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Links
    Links to your social media channels, also displayed at the footer of each e-mail.
  • Text Messaging Sender ID
    Create a short 11 character ID that will show as the sender for text messages sent through FranchiseBase, for example 'FRANBASE' (8 characters).

Next Steps

Now that you've configured the basic settings for Franchise Recruitment, you can move on to configuring your Franchise Brochure e-mail with Brochure Setup.