Instant Send

Instantly sending e-mail and text message campaigns to your Prospects

Schedules are a great way to save time by automating your e-mails and text messages, but sometimes you may just want to send an update out to your prospects - Instant Sends are the ideal way to do this!

Instant Sends follow the same principle as Schedules, in that you first need to create a Template. The difference is that as the name suggests, when you create an Instant Send it's instantly sent to your users.

This gives us some flexibility and allows us to create content like newsletters, as well as sharing new developments with your prospect groups.

Creating an Instant Send

As we covered in Schedules, you'll first need a Template to use for your e-mail or text message. 

Create your Templates using the information covered in the Creating your First Template section of Scheduling Automated E-mails & Texts.

Once you have your template ready, navigate to 'Instant Send' from the Franchise Recruitment panel:


This pane will display any queued campaigns, as well as previously sent ones.

Navigate to 'Create a New Instant Send Campaign' and click 'Add a Instant Send':


This will open the 'Add a New Instant Send' form.

First, create a title for your campaign. Note that your recipients won't see this title, it's just to be used for your own reference.


Next, we'll select the Template we intend to use for this Instant Send from the drop-down list:


We can now choose whether we'd like to send our Instant Send to a specific group. This is particually useful if you have information specific to a particular prospect group.

In this case we only want to send our Newsletter to 'New Prospects', so we'll click the checkbox and select the New Prospects group:


Note: You can send to multiple groups by selecting additional groups from the drop-down list.

Finally, we can choose whether we want to start the campaign paused.

You can always check this option to double-check your template before sending it out.

Once you're ready, click 'Create Campaign'.

You'll now be re-directed to the Instant Send screen, and you should be able to see your new campaign listed under the 'Queued Campaign' list:


As covered in the Scheduling section, all schedules and instant sends send every 30 minutes, so you have some time to 'Pause' and amend if you've made a mistake.

Click 'View' on the Instant Send for more details.

Viewing Instant Send Details

Now that you've created your Instant Send campaign, you can monitor its progress, including open rates, delivery and more.

From the 'Instant Send' screen, click 'View' on your Instant Send.

This will display the individual users who are to receive your campaign, as well as key details such as if they've opened it, how many times etc:


If your Instant Send is queued, you can see this from this page:


Once the campaign has sent, it will update with the date sent, along with some other useful details: