Monitoring your Schedules

Tracking the success of your scheduled campaigns

In the previous section we created a template and assigned it to a schedule.

Now we can monitor the progress of this schedule within FranchiseBase.

Viewing a schedule

To view details of your schedule, from the Franchise Recruitment panel click 'Scheduling':


This will display both your Active and Inactive (paused) schedules:


Under 'Active Schedules', click 'View' on the schedule you just created.

This will display all key details about your schedule.

Once your schedule begins sending you'll be able to view statistics on who the schedule was delivered to, how many prospects opened it and what the open rate percentage is:


If you've just created your schedule, it may take some time for it to begin sending depending on your criteria.

Schedules on FranchiseBase run every 30 minutes, so once your schedule is active it will be queued for sending.

This gives you a short window to pause a schedule if you have any issues with it.

The Schedule overview also provides the following details:

Schedule Report

The schedule report displays in-depth information on which specific leads have opened your schedule, including how many times they've opened the e-mail (text messages will not show this detail as it cannot be tracked):


Links Clicked

If you've added any links to your schedule e-mail, whenever a lead clicks a link it will be registered and displayed here:


Scheduled to Receive this Campaign

This list displays any prospects who are scheduled to receive the campaign, including the date and time it's scheduled to be sent:


Pausing a Schedule

If you need to pause a schedule, you can do so from the Schedule screen by clicking 'Pause Schedule':


This will immediately stop the schedule from sending until it's re-activated.

Deleting a Schedule

If you need to delete a schedule, return to the 'Scheduling' panel from the Franchise Recruitment screen.

Make sure your schedule is Paused and Inactive:


Next, click 'Delete':


You'll then receive a message that the schedule has been deleted:


If you need to restore a schedule, you can do so from Deleted Files and clicking 'Restore':


Editing a Schedule

You can edit a schedule by navigating to your Schedule page and clicking 'Edit':


This will allow you to update all of the main options for your schedule:


It's important to note that even if you change the date to send your schedule, if a prospect has already received this schedule it won't be sent again.