Brochure Setup

Create your welcome e-mail containing your franchising brochure


FranchiseBase Recruitment allows you to save time by importing leads from multiple sources and automating the sending of your franchise brochure and welcome e-mail.

The below workflow demonstrates how this works, including automatically sending your franchise brochure and welcome e-mail when a new prospect is registered from multiple sources:

To begin setting up your brochure, navigate to Brochure Setup under Franchise Recruitment to begin completing the required fields:


Setting users to receive notifications of new Prospects

When a new prospect is added to FranchiseBase (whether via your website or franchise portal/directory), selected users can receive a notification.

To add users to receive notifications, under Brochure Setup click the 'Edit' button under Prospect Notifications:


This will open the notifications window. From the drop-down list, select the user you'd like to receive notifications:


Multiple users can be added by selecting addition users from the list:


Note: Notifications can be added to the following user types: Administrator, Head Office & Consultants, i.e. the user roles who have access to Franchise Recruitment

Click 'Save' to finalise the changes, and they will now be listed under Prospect Notifications:


These users will now receive a notification whenever a new prospect is added to FranchiseBase.

E-mail notifications will look like this:

Uploading your Franchise Brochure

Your franchise brochure is automatically sent to new prospects as an attachment.

To upload your brochure, from within Brochure Setup navigate to the Franchise Brochure heading.

Click the 'Edit' button under Franchise Brochure:


This will open the Franchise Brochure window. Click 'Choose File' to add your brochure file:


Navigate to your file on your computer or device and click 'Open' to add the file. The file will now be listed under 'Franchise Brochure':


Note: We recommend uploading your brochure in PDF file format, and keeping the file-size under 3MB to ensure high likelihood of e-mail delivery to your prospects.

Click 'Save' to finalise the changes.

Your franchise brochure will now be sent as an attachment to all new prospects.

Creating your Franchise Brochure E-mail

As described earlier, your franchise brochure is sent automatically and you will now added your franchise brochure document to be sent.

Next, you'll need to design your Franchise Brochure e-mail from the Brochure Setup section, by defining its:

  • E-mail Title
    The title of your e-mail containing the franchise brochure
  • E-mail Summary
    A short summary shown below (or alongside) the e-mail title in most E-mail Clients.
  • E-mail Content
    The content of your franchise brochure e-mail.

Begin by specifying your e-mail title by clicking the 'Edit' icon under the E-mail Title heading:


This will open the E-mail Title window, where you can enter the title of the e-mail that new prospects will receive upon being added or imported to FranchiseBase.

Add your title and click 'Save' to finalise:


Next, follow the same steps to define your E-mail Summary:


Finally, you'll need to enter the content for your e-mail. Under 'E-mail Content', click the 'Edit' icon:


This will open the E-mail Content window:


You can now begin adding your e-mail content, making use of 'Format' settings (e.g. headings), as well as adding images and more.

Note: You can also use several merge tags to personalise your e-mails by entering the appropriate code, e.g. {{firstname}} will send the prospects first name within the e-mail. For more information view the Recruitment Templates section.

Once you've added your content, click 'Save' to finalise the changes:


Previewing the Franchise Brochure e-mail

With your franchise brochure uploaded, e-mail title, summary and content defined, you can now preview your e-mail.

Under the Brochure Setup section, click 'Preview Template' to see how your e-mail will look for recipients:


This will open a window containing a preview of your brochure e-mail:


Wrapping Up

Having completed this section, you'll now have the below finalised:

  • New Prospect Notifications
  • Franchise Brochure Upload
  • Brochure E-mail Title
  • Brochure E-mail Summary
  • Brochure E-mail Content

You're now ready to move on to connecting your franchise sources (e.g. website and franchise portals) to FranchiseBase in the next section: