Managing Prospects

Including recording contacts, updating details and viewing lead engagement

At its core, Franchise Recruitment allows you to manage all of your franchising prospects in a single location.

To access your prospects, click 'Prospects' from the Franchise Recruitment section:


Viewing your Prospects

Within the Prospects section, you'll find several lists and options:

  • Prospects by Stage
    This lists all of your recruitment stages (as defined in the Recruitment Setup section). Clicking one of your stages displays the prospects that are currently in that stage.

  • Active Prospects
    This lists all of your active, registered prospects. You can view up to 100 prospects per page, as well as searching for specific prospects by name, location etc.

  • Archived Prospects
    This lists all your archived prospects, who are no longer receiving communications. 

  • Add a Prospect
    You can add a prospect manually using this link.


Viewing a Prospect Record

To view a prospect record, within the Prospects section click the 'View' button beside a prospect:


If you're accessing on a smaller screen (e.g. tablet or mobile), you may have to click the 'plus' icon to view the 'View' option:


Managing a Prospect

After clicking to 'View' a prospect record, the prospect record will open.

This record displays a range of information on the prospect, including:

Key Prospect Details

Key details provides a quick overview of contact details including status, location, created date, phone number and e-mail address:


Prospect Options


There are several prospect options that allow you to complete various actions, including:

  • Record Contact
    Allows you to quickly record a contact you've made with the prospect, added to their record.
  • Create Action
    Allows you to create an action related to the prospect for follow-up, either for yourself or other members of your team.
  • Update Status
    Update the stage of the prospect that you defined in Initial Setup, e.g. from 'New Prospect' to 'Questionnaire Completed'.
  • Archive Prospect
    Archive a prospect, so they no longer receive communications from you.

Prospect Actions

If you've created any actions for this prospect (found under the Create Action option), they will be displayed here.


Contact Details

Contact Details displays details on record for the prospect, and can be edited by clicking the 'Edit' icon:


Lead Details

Contains details including the original source of the prospect, the franchise location they're interested in, as well as any notes and files. These details can be edited by clicking the 'Edit' icon:


Recruitment Progress

Provides an 'at a glance' view of the prospects progress through your recruitment process:


Automations Received

Lists the e-mail and text messages schedules that the Prospect has received, including details on the date they were sent and number of opens (for e-mails):


Automations Scheduled

Displays any schedules that are sent to be sent, including the date they will be sent to the Prospect:


Campaign Links Clicked

If the Prospect has clicked any links in your scheduled e-mails, they will be tracked here to monitor engagement:


Contact History

Provides a full record of contacts that have been made with a prospect (added from the 'Record Contact' option):