Connecting Lead Sources

Importing leads from your website and franchise directories

Lead sources allow you to automatically import leads from multiple locations, so you can manage all of your prospects in one secure location.

When a prospect is added, you'll receive a notification (as defined in the previous section) and the lead will automatically receive your franchise brochure. They'll then go on to receive your scheduled e-mails and text messages over time.

Sources that work out of the box with FranchiseBase include your website and several franchise directories.

Additional integrations can be added upon request.

Capturing leads from franchise portals & directories

FranchiseBase can automatically import leads that are registered through a number of franchising portals.

The following portals are currently supported:

  • Franchise Local
  • Franchise Direct
  • Point Franchise
  • Franchise Supermarket
  • BFA Directory

Additional portals can be added upon request by contacting support.

To get started, please get in touch with the team to request access. You will be provided with an e-mail address that new leads should be sent to, in addition to existing e-mail addresses that receive leads.

Once configured, all of your franchise leads can be sent directly to FranchiseBase.

Capturing leads from your website

Leads can be captured from your website and automatically imported as prospects to FranchiseBase, when a new lead fills out a short form.

To begin using FranchiseBase to capture leads from your website, you'll need to replace your current franchise enquiry web form with a short piece of code.

Your web designer or developer can help with this, or if you'd prefer support from FranchiseBase you can contact us for further help.

To embed the FranchiseBase webform, copy the code below, replacing CompanyName with your FranchiseBase company name:

<!-- Start of FranchiseBase Brochure embed code -->
<iframe src='' style='width:100%;max-width:800px;min-height:720px;border:none;'>
<!-- End of FranchiseBase Brochure embed code -->

Once the code is embedded, the form displayed on your website will send new franchise leads directly into FranchiseBase.

Customising your website success message

When a new lead completes the above web form, you can customise the text that will be displayed once the enquiry is sent, as well as providing a direct link to access the franchise brochure.

To customise this message, navigate to the Brochure Setup tab within the Franchise Recruitment section:


Scroll to the section titled 'Form Completion Title':


Click the 'Edit' icon to option the Form Completion Title window:


Enter a short title that will be displayed when a new lead completes your brochure request form:


Click Save to finalise the changes:


Next, navigate to the below section titled 'Form Completion Content':


Click the 'Edit' icon to option the Form Completion Content window:


Here you can provide further information about your franchise opportunity. We'd recommend also providing some contact details here in case the lead would like to contact you directly:


Click 'Save' to finalise the changes.

Wrapping up (Website Leads)

Having added the following:

  • The FranchiseBase Enquiry Form Code
  • Form Completion Title
  • Form Completion Content

New leads who complete this form on your website will now be added to FranchiseBase automatically.

The lead will see a process similar to that shown below:

New lead completes the franchise enquiry form


After clicking 'Submit', the lead sees your customised form completion title and content:


They then receive the franchise brochure in an e-mail, and a notification is sent to administrators defined in the Brochure Setup section.