Creating your First Users

Simple steps to adding your first users

Creating a User

To add a user:

From the left-hand Menu, go to Settings > Add New User:

Choose the Location (Franchise Area) that your new user will be assigned to (this can be changed later).

You'll be re-directed to the 'Add a New User' form.

Enter the basic User details, including their Full Name, E-mail Address and Franchise Location (if you haven't already selected it).

Leave Password as-is, it will have already generated a secure password for your user:

Next, you'll need to select a Role for your user. There are four standard roles you can select:

  • Support - A basic user role that can only view documents, manuals or brand bank files (where access is assigned to them).
  • Head Office - Head Office staff who can create and view all documents, manuals and brand bank files as well as managing users.
  • Franchisee - Franchisees who can view documents, manuals and brand bank files (where access is assigned to them), as well as creating Tasks and Notifications for their staff.
  • Consultant - An external consultant who can view and edit documents, manuals and brand bank files, but cannot manage users.

For more information on User Roles, check out our User Roles section of the Documentation.

Finally, you can optionally add a 'Message' to send with the welcome e-mail that the staff member will receive.

When you've completed all of the above, click Add User:

After adding your User, you'll be redirected to the User Management dashboard, and the new user will be listed under 'Active Users' with their basic details including role, date created and location:


Your user will be sent their login details via e-mail:


Your new user will now be able to login and begin using FranchiseBase.