Adding a New Location

How to add new Franchise Locations

An Introduction to Locations

There are many names for Franchise Units, such as Franchise Locations, Units or Areas. Within FranchiseBase, we refer to each individual franchisee area as a 'Location'.

This allows more flexibility in how you might use FranchiseBase to communicate with your teams. A 'Location' will most commonly be a Franchise Location such as 'Darlington', but it could also be a group of staff or volunteers you want to be able to communicate with as a single group, like 'Support Volunteers' or similar - it all depends on the structure of your Franchise and teams!

As you might already know, we price FranchiseBase based on the number of Locations you have, and each Location can have any number of active users. Feel free to speak to us about the best way to make use of Locations for your franchise.

Adding a New Location

In this example, we've secured a new Franchisee in Leeds, so we need to create a new Location for that area.

From the left-hand Menu, click the down-arrow and select 'Manage Locations':


This will open the Locations Dashboard.

Scroll down to Location Management, and check whether you have any unused Franchisee slots available:


In this case, we've used our franchise unit slots, so we'll order one new unit by clicking 'Order additional Franchise units'.

This will open the Billing form, and we'll add 1 new franchise unit, check the declaration box and click 'Submit':


Note that only Administrators and Head Office staff are able to add new franchise units.

After adding a new unit, we'll be taken back to the 'Add a New Location' section, with 1 new unit available for use:


Click 'Add a New Location', and you'll be presented with the Add a New Location page.

Enter the Location Name, in this case 'Leeds':


Optionally, you can enter 'Location Areas' where the Franchisee will cover, as well as the 'Location Postcodes' they cover.

In this case, we'll leave these blank and come back to them later.

Click 'Add Location' to save the new location:


You'll then be re-directed back to the 'Manage Locations' panel, and under 'Franchise Units' you'll see the new location listed:


You can now begin adding users to your Location!