Add a New Task

Creating a New Task

To add a new task, click the drop-down menu next to Task on the left-hand side menu and select add a new task.


In the new screen you will enter the following information, task name, user, task category and which manual the task relates to. Then you can note what you would like the user to do, when you would like the task completed by (you can select the calendar icon and pick a date from there) and finally how important the task is from low to high priority and click submit.


This will send an email to the user advising of the new task they have been assigned.


The task screen will then appear and list the details you have just entered, you can also include any comments for this task. At the bottom of the screen is the task report which shows the user the task was sent to, the date it was opened, whether an email has been sent. If the task has been opened and accepted and how many times it has been opened. From this screen you can keep an eye on the progress of the task by your user. The task status is located at the top of the screen which will automatically be incomplete until it is updated by the user assigned to the task. From this screen you can also delete the task if it is no longer relevant.

Initial Task Created: