Accepting and Updating a Task

Steps to Accept and Update a Task that has been Assigned to You

You will be notified by email when you have been assigned a task, which will look as below:


If you click on the Click Here to View the Notification this will bring you straight to the task page.

The task will also be located in the Tasks section of FranchiseBase under My Tasks. Simply click on the title of the new task.


The new Task Page:


This page shows who the task was assigned by, who the task is assigned to, the task status.


The Task details are shown below this, which includes the date the task was created, the date the Task is due to be completed, which section the task relates to,the priority of the task (Low, Medium and High) and the task instructions.


If any files had been slected to be included in the task they will be located in the next section and also notes the number of times the document has been viewed.


The next section, Task Status is where you can change the status of the task, to In Progress or complete.


Next is the comment section, where you can note any updates or issues with the assigned task to keep the creator up to date.