User Management

Manage your users

In user management you can manage existing members and assign roles.

To access User Management go to the menu on the left-hand side andunder the drop down arrow in settings click User Management.



Reset Password

From this page you can also reset user’s passwords by clicking reset pass to the right of the user you wish to reset, this will generate an email straight to the user with their new password.

Deactivate a User

You can deactivate users by clicking the deactivate button and this will remove the user’s ability to access FranchiseBase, the user will then appear under inactive users and can be reactivated if you wish to do so.

Edit a User

By clicking Edit to the right of the user you are able to edit the user’s display name, e-mail address, profile photo, about me section, franchise location and their telephone number.

Click save and the information will be updated immediately.