Manuals Overview

Viewing your manuals on FranchiseBase

Introduction to Manuals

The manuals section is home to all of your franchising documents.

You can access it from the left-hand Menu by clicking 'Manuals':


From Manuals you can create, edit and view your manuals to ensure your franchisees always view the most up to date versions:


Users can read, search, print (if enabled) and comment on documents from one simple control panel accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Published, Unpublished and Limited Access Manuals

Manuals within FranchiseBase are grouped into three categories:

  • Published Manuals
    Visible to all users (where access has been assigned)
  • Unpublished Manuals
    Work in progress Manuals, visible only to Administrators, Head Office and Consultants
  • Limited Access Manuals
    Published Manuals, however visible only to Administors, Head Office, Consultants AND the groups you define, e.g. Franchisees or Support staff.

These categories ensure access is provided only to the groups you're comfortable providing access to.

For instance, you may collaborate with your head office team (and a consultant) on an Operations Manual. This would be stored within the 'Unpublished' category until the document is complete.

Once you're ready to publish, you may limit access only to the 'Franchisee' role, then publish the manual.

Once published, the Manual will be listed under Limited Access Manuals and visible only to Head Office, Consultants and Franchisees.

Much more information on Manual permissions is covered in the Creating a Manual section.