Creating a Manual

Adding a new manual, creating sections and personalising it

Adding a New Manual

This option is open to Administrator, Head Office Staff and Consultant roles

With a few clicks you can create a brand new manual to begin working from:

From the left-hand Menu, click the down-arrow beside 'Manuals' and click 'Add a New Manual':


You'll then be presented with the 'Add a New Manual' form.

Give your Manual a name and brief Summary, in this case we're using 'Health & Safety Manual':


Next, we have the option of limiting access to the Manual for specific roles:


In this case we want everyone to access the Health & Safety Manual, so we're going to leave this option unchecked and click Submit:


You'll now be re-directed back to the Manuals overview.

Scroll down to 'Unpublished Manuals' and you'll see your new manual:


We don't have any content in this manual yet, but let's click 'View Manual' so we can see what's been created:


This will now open the Manual, and we're ready to begin adding content:


Next, we can start creating sections for our new manual.