Create a Notification

Creating a New Notification

To create a notification, click the drop-down menu next to Notification on the left-hand side menu and select add a create a notification.


Now you need to fill in the information to create the notification; a title, the users you would like to assign the notification to, would you like to notify specific users, roles or locations? You can choose between selecting individual users, sending to a whole user group or to users in a specific location, the notification category, this will create another category for you to be more specific to the category you have selected (if you select Manual, it will ask which manual, then it will ask which section the notification relates to) and your message. Then click create notification. 





You will then be taken to the notification page where you can see all the details. From here you can check the progress of your notification, whether an email has been sent, if the notification has been opened and accepted. You can also check this at the bottom of the screen in the notification report.