Brand Bank Tools

Using the Edit, Unpublish, Delete and Commenting Functions

To use any of the tool functions you need to firstly go to the file by clicking  All Brand Bank Files and selecting the file, this will open the screen as below:


From here you have the options to Edit, Unpublish delete and submit a comment. 

Editing a File

Clicking Edit opens up the editing screen, where you can change the title, summary, category and upload a new version.


Once you have made your amendments, simply click save and your file will be updated. 

Unpublishing a File

You can unpublish a file by clicking the unpublish button this makes the document unable to be seen by other users, only visable to you. You can find the file under Brand Bank on the left hand menu, under Unpublished Brand Bank Files. Publish then replaces the unpublish button for when you are ready to publish the finished file. 


Deleting a File

To delete a file simply click the delete button. This will move the file to Deleted Files in the Settings section where they are stored for 30 DAYS, from there you can restore any deleted files. 



You can restore a deleted file by going to Deleted Files in Settings and click Restore on the far right hand side of your document