User Management

Manage Your Users

Within the Users page go to the bottom on the page and click Manage Users in the User Management box.


This will bring up the User Management page:


From here you can Reset Passwords, Deactivate users and Edit a User.

Reset a Users Password

Go the the user who requires a password change and selct Reset Pass on the right hand side.


A notification will then appear on screen advising the password has been reset and the user will now receive an email with their new password. 


The User will receive the below email and can simply log in to FranchiseBase using the password provided by clicking the link in the email. 


Deactivate a User

Go the the user who requires a password change and selct Deactivate on the right hand side.


You will then be notified that their account has been deactivated and they no longer have access to FranchiseBase unless they are reactivated.


Re-activate a User

Any deactivated Users can be found at the bottom of the User Management page under Inactive Users


To reactivate a user go to the user you would like to re-activate and click Re-activate to the right hand side.


You will then be notified that the user has now be re-activated and they can now have access to FranchiseBase. At this point you can reset their password incase they have forgotten their old one.


Editing a User

Under active users and to the far right of the user you wish to amend click Edit.


This will bring up the editing page, to edit their display name, E-mail address, profile photo, their about me details, Franchise location and their telephone number. Then simply click save.